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Interactive Map in Excel using Rollovers

Alright, so this seemed like the next logical step for the rollover method:

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This one is kinda complicated, I admit. Unfortunately, I didn't really take the time to clean up the spreadsheet file for others to follow (I don't really have the time these days). Sorry. But try to take it apart - and ask me questions if you have them.

I've canvassed some other folks from the Excel community to see if they would want to do a video tutorial of this - and I think that's what it would take.

Have fun!

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  1. Wow !!! seems like the next logical step to my Budget/forecast file, where I used the shapes for the country, and when double clicked on one of them,checked if there were other shaped selected and unselected it,and highlighted the corresponding info on an adjacent table with Budget and Forecast.

    but, as you, I don't have the time now to merge both concepts, but definitively will try to !!!

  2. Nice work Jordan!

    Check this one too I tried with X Y Scatter chart


    1. Very cool. I see you've employed a method similar to Robert's of ClearlyAndSimply.com and Professional Excel Development. My method above is a bit harder to implement - were you able to understand it? I think using a chart tab and Chart event as you have above has certain advantages to the method I've written about on my blog. Just out of curiosity - would you ever recommend (or implement yourself) the method I've described on Option Explicit VBA? - or, do you think that it may be somewhat impracticable?

      Thanks again for sharing! I like your blog a lot.

  3. @Jordan I have seen your method using hyperlink mouse hover effect. I have already shared your interactive map link our my FB pages and groups.

    I would definitely try it when I have to do any location analysis or where ever it fits in. Its always good to have alternate solutions for a problem or scenario

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    1. Thanks - be sure to checkout the new website at wordpress, optionexplicitvba.wordpress.com

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  6. Hi Jordan, Great work!
    When using your strategy (smallest distance) to identify the states, I noticed some states (such as CT) are not properly labeled when mouse over (NY is highlighted instead), due to overlapping shape coverage. Do you have a way to rectify that?

  7. Honestly, there's not much you can do aside from make the states bigger or decreasing the cell size (in either case you're adding more sensitive cells). In this example, I added those squares to hover over if I felt you couldn't properly reach the state.