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Interactive United States 2012 Presidential Scoreboard in Excel

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Alright, here's another map-based rollover. The instructions are pretty simple: click on a state to toggle through its party selection. Click on one of the three selections above to change scenarios.

In the next month or so, I'll be putting together a tutorial on this. But in the meantime, have some fun. Download. Ask questions if you need.

For more on these types of maps, checkout:
Choropleth Maps with Excel

Download here:
Election Map.xlsm

How about another screenshot?

Comments: 9

  1. Excellent work, Jordan.

    Besides the great interactive map itself, I especially like the idea of providing a seperate menu for the smaller states right to the map, the bar chart comparing the totals of the selected states and the very clean tooltips.

    Great job (as usual).

    1. Thanks! That means a lot to me.

    2. hi, first of all i want to say thanks , awesome work.
      but i have a request please if you could explain to me how you did'it please.
      the things is am beginner in VBA and i want to when the mouse move on my map ,the region will get a color and some info too and if i click ..goes to another worksheet..
      i appreciate your help please..
      my email benserradj.nabi@gmail.com

  2. Atlast the election is over.. Once again obama proved..

    1. History has shown, he proved squat.

  3. amazing work. Thanks for some great ideas i got from this