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Consulting Services

You may have noticed that I tend to update this blog less frequently than some of the more prominent Excel and VBA bloggers. The reason is that I blog on the side rather than full time. In fact, I work for a wonderful startup consulting company called The Perduco Group. Here’s what we’re about:

Perduco is Latin for "to lead through" or "leadership.” The Perduco Group leverages a number of key competencies in data structures, programming, operations research, and business intelligence to provide an overall analytical solution to the customer − delivering performance from data to decision. The fundamental goal is to provide a useable product founded in credible analytics to support organizations and change the way by which they do business. The Perduco Group is focused on providing organizations value by leveraging our technical skills and industrial and defense experience with our client-focused, results-oriented delivery approach.

If you’re interested in taking your spreadsheets to the next level, optimizing your efficiency with operations research, or implementing a new BI system drop me line at my work email, Jordan.Goldmeier (@) ThePerducoGroup (.com) and I can let you know what we’re all about.

As a follow-up to the above, I am gathering resumes on folks with experience in Excel, VBA, data analysis, and data visualization. If you’re interested in this type of work, feel free to send me your resume either at the email above or my personal one at the bottom of this page. The only condition is that you must be a US citizen.

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